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The art of doing stuff

Of these 6 cheeses, 4 came from my local cheesemonger and 2 from the grocery store. At the grocery store I grabbed some Boursin Pepper cheese and a wedge of Fontina. Pepper cheese is great on crackers or crumbled on top of broccoli soup. The Fontina is a superior melting cheese that gets all gooey and stringy. I use it to make one of my MOST favourite quick recipes, Penne with Rapini with Chorizo sausage from Canadian Chef Cory Vitiello. The Le Crottin de Chevre is a soft ripened goat cheese from Quebec that has a stink to it. The Sainte-Maure de Touraine is also a soft ripened goat cheese, but this one is from France and has been rolled in ash. It is an unpasteurized cheese. The bottom two blue cheeses are delicious, strong, blue cheeses. The Shropshire has a creamier texture than its orange colour would imply (the orange is made with a natural colouring). And the Italian Oro Rosso is one of my favourite cheeses ever. A creamy blue cheese with some bite that’s been steeped in a sweet red wine with blueberries, currants, elderberry and more. The rind is covered in blueberries, blackberries and currants. I eat it on thin Cranberry Pumpkin seed crackers if I have some. If not, I bite into it like an apple.


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