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Choco 21 Pinot Rose' e Amaretto e Prosecco DOC

Parla dei nostri formaggi Choco 21 Pinot Rose' e Amaretto e Prosecco DOC la famosa food blogger Annem Hobson. Just before Christmas, we wrote about the discovery of Chocolate Blue Cheese. Yes, you heard me right! Cocoa coming together with a sharp blue cheese capable of knocking your socks off. We couldn’t get it out of our head so decided to hunt down the company behind this invention. We soon discovered that they aren’t stopping at chocolate. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Moro Formaggi’s range of cheeses SOAKED in wine, prosecco and liqueurs. The Italians call it ‘Ubriachi’ (drunk) cheese. I call it genius. We tried 2 out of their huge boozy range; Rose ‘Pinot La Jara and Amaretto. These wheels of cheese are immersed in tons of Pinot Grigio Rose for about 2 months, then covered with petals and rosebuds. The result? A delicious cheese with floral notes on the nose, and tropical fruits in the mouth. The texture has lots of crystals as you melt the cheese in your mouth, and the sweetness isn’t overbaring. This is a cheese you can definitely eat a large quantity of without realising. We paired out with a glass of Rose and have never tasted such an unusual, elegant cheese. Hot summers day picnic + cubes of this cheese = heaven. This blue cheese has been dipped for 2 months in Amaretto Di Saronno and covered with fragrant apricots. It looks outstanding. The scent of roasted almonds and brandy with the creaminess of the cheese makes this a delicious after dinner treat. As soon as we took it out of the bag, the amaretto was wet and oozing out. The smells of the alcohol instantly hits you, so of course – we paired it with a glass of amaretto too! The texture of the cheese melts as soon as it hits the tongue and it’s a proper show stopper to serve to any of your guests.

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