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Degustazione Fior D'arancio DOCg presso il ROSE GARDEN HOTEL di YANGON/MYANMAR

Renowned as Yangon’s best wine and cheese night introducing this time finest wines and cheeses from Italy, imported exclusively by Ferrari.

Amongst others, Pecorino with truffle, Fiore Sardo Dop, Blue Fior di Arancia, Manchego will be on display along with our wide range of over 30 international cheeses, including raclette, scraped fresh from the grill, Parma ham, salami and finest cold cuts, plus our famous home-made breads and live music for a memorable night.

Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and Italian wines are known worldwide for their broad variety. Italian cheese goes far further than just mozzarella and Parmesan – in fact, each Italian region, city and village boasts a vast array of typically local cheeses: each product represents the area’s deep cultural and farming heritage..


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