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Our Flavors

Our assortment is so requested that no matter how hard we try, we never manage to ensure that these products are always available. Please contact us to make sure they are available for your distribution.

Delizioso formaggio erborinato, lavorato con dolce e cremoso mascarpone aromatizzato e profumato con 6 diversi ingredienti per 6 diverse versioni!

Blue Cheese



About us

Our family has been involved in the selection of raw materials for three generations, we think that good food, prepared with quality ingredients should be something accessible to everyone. For this reason since the 80's we have been seasoning and refining our recipes, introducing new scents and flavours in the refined cheese market.


Opening time

Mon - Fri: 08:30 - 19:30

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Know How

"The wheels are periodically turned by hand in order to guarantee a uniform and high quality seasoning".

Moro S.



Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the territory in which we operate, we choose cheeses from small companies, taking them, if necessary, to the final maturation and promoting their knowledge among consumers.


We establish a relationship of trust with the producers, buying the product directly from them and thanks to our technological knowledge we bring it to maturity and refine it, characterizing its identity. We try to impress our soul on the cheese: by controlling the environmental parameters of maturation, and dedicating a series of manual cares to the cheeses, ranging from periodic turning of the wheels to favour uniform maturation to brushing, from oiling to washing the rind with cloths soaked in water and salt, from smoking to inoculating moulds for herbonising.


Spices can magically transform any cheese into a poem. And much more: they can reveal a whole world of colors, scents and sensory impressions.


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