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Cheese Refiner


Our family run business began in 1930 when Luigi Moro, grandfather of the current owner, together with his children, organised a milk collection centre from the local stables in order to sell bulk milk to families as a primary ingredient in a poor diet of the period.


After the First World War, the company concentrated all its resources in the production of milk derivatives (cheese) and opened a dairy and a sales outlet in Oderzo.


At the beginning of the 1980s, the current owner, Sergio Moro, began to reutilize ‘old world techniques’, those used by local farmers and shepherds to preserve, age and flavour the cheeses.

Ageing consists in maturing the cheeses, respecting their typicality  and adding flavouring ingredients on the rind (marc, hay, ash, aromatic herbs, etc.) or in the pasta itself (truffle, saffron). All elements give each cheese its particular aroma and distinct personality.


We have returned to old traditions to deliver to our current customers cheeses whose flavours and aromas had long since been lost.


In recent years, in order to diversify and satisfy an increasingly demanding and sophisticated clients, the Moro Formaggi company has specialised in the refinement of blue cheeses with raisin wines (Fior d’Arancio DOCG) distilled spirits (grappa di Amarone) liqueurs (chocolate, pistachio, etc.) and finally cocktails (Negroni).


Currently the products are present in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy, England, France, Germany and other European countries.




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