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Cheese Of The Day: Muffato

Encased in a leafy dark green covering, Muffato looks like a woodland treasure, with a mossy herbal flavor to match. Adorned in aromatic plants, this cow’s milk blue develops a lush woodsy taste and enchanting appearance. Wheels are coated with a mix of chamomile, marjoram, verbena, mint, or thyme, depending on the season, for herbaceous notes that offset the zing of the interior blue mold. Sergio Moro of Moro Formaggi, grandson of founder Luigi Moro, is known for the inventive range of flavors he adds to his cheeses— from Prosecco DOC to NERO FUME' smoky lapsang souchong tea. To make Muffato, Moro Formaggi matures the young wheels on fir planks in a cool, humid cave. After the wheels are given their aromatic dressing, they’re aged for an additional three months. On the palate, expect a sweet, grassy flavor from Muffato’s creamy paste. Modest spice from the blue veins, and bright herbaceous notes from the rind add a welcome balance to the flavor. Try muffato as a dessert course paired with a rich fruit jam (pear or cherry are our favorites) and a sweet wine like Sauternes.


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