The story of this company starts in 1930 in Oderzo when Luigi Moro, owner's grandfather, helped by his sons, organized a collection milk center from the stables in the area, to sell milk to families, as primary ingredient of poor feeding period.

In the postwar period, the company specializes in the production of dairy products (cheese) and opens a cheese factory and a store in Oderzo.

In the early eighties, to diversify and satisfy more demanding and sophisticated customers, the current owner Sergio Moro, recover from the rural world the old techniques of curing and aging the cheese, once used by farmers and shepherds to preserve them, age them and season.

The ripening is a process of aging cheese strictly DOC or DOP, respecting their typicality, adding flavored ingredients on the crust (marc, hay, ashes, herbs, etc..) Or on the same pasta (truffles, saffron), in order to confer a particular aroma and its own personality.

In this way, the return to the old traditions deliver to the actual customers, cheese with lost flavors and fragrances.

The products are currently present in the United States, Hong Kong, France, Austria and other European countries.


Dal 6 al 9 Maggio 2019 saremo presenti alla fiera TUTTOFOOD a Milano, con i nostri formaggi, al Padiglione 10 Stand B16.


Dal 13 al 15 Aprile 2019 - Saremo presenti alla fiera Gourmandia allo stand C35 spazio OPENDREAM (ex area Pagnossin), via Noalese 94 (Tv) con i nostri formaggi.



We are pleased to inform about the opening of our new ageing warehouse...