Choco 21

Choco 21: the dark chocolate and blue cheese. Posts from Cosmopolinan ,Elle, Daily Mail UK and Heston Blumenthal .

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If you’re one of those people who can’t decide whether to go for dessert or cheese at the end of your meal, then this next offering is just for you.
It’s a blue cheese that’s been lathered in chocolate liquor and topped with cocoa powder and chocolate chips - and we’re really not sure what to think.
Cheese can definitely benefit from being offset with a nice sweetness, think of how well caramelised onions goes with it, but hardcore blue cheese with an alcoholic chocolate covering? It’s actually not uncommon, dark chocolate and blue cheese have been used in desserts before and as a young Heston Blumenthal explains in the video below, there's some science behind the idea.
The creation is being sold by Curds and Whey in Melbourne but the cheese is actually imported from Italy.
It seems the Australians are certainly enjoying it.

Link: Finedininglovers